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Tech Crunch disrupt and Sequoia on SaaS delivery models →

I was pleasantly surprised to see this article feature on Tech Crunch. It’s an older article, but good to get validation from a major VC. While my background is from ground-up SaaS sales, and more companies are adopting SaaS products or even SaaS model internally, this delivery model influences business operations.

This Tech Crunch Disrupt video is an interview between Tech Crunch and Sequoia’s Jim Goetz. Jim talks less about new startup technology, and more about the delivery model which more and more start ups are adopting when targeting enterprise customers.

Consumerification of the Enterprise is about companies adopting consumer tactics, closing enterprises from a ground-up approach (like Yammer, GitHub, SolarWinds), recurring revenue and online approach vs traditional enterprise sales approach with large sales forces.

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