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10 Things Every Sales Manager Should Know About Sales Performance [Infographic] →

In partnership with The TAS group this infographic presents ten sobering pieces of data on sales performance. Whether you see it as shocking, or not surprising at all, the data illuminates gaps in sales performance that pervade many sales organizations.

Key Takeaways: More than half of sales reps do not hit their quota, but it’s the synergy between the “lone wolves” and the averages sales reps which can help you hit your numbers. The highest performers are better at qualification and contribute to overall company strategy. Less than half of reps can claim an accurate pipeline. Almost half of sales teams don’t have a sales playbook. See: 12 Elements of a Great Sales Playbook.

Calls to Action:

  • Set quotas and give your sales team the tools to reach their goals

  • Always be coaching

  • Implement methodology for accessing key players in the buyers org

  • Identify customer pain points and relative solutions

  • Always clean pipeline

  • Always be qualifyingMake the competition and sales a part of your strategy

  • Have a playbook

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