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Corporate Philanthropy

SaaSySales believes all children, regardless of their gender, socioeconomic background or circumstances, should have access to free, compulsory and quality education. A portion of profits will go towards

  • RCEF: nonprofit committed to raising gap funds for all public schools in the Redwood City School District

  • FilRose Peralta Foundation: nonprofit supporting elementary schools in Tabuk, Kalinga, Philippines.

Students in front of a FilRose Peralta Foundation funded elementary school.

Last year, I read a Fortune article about the importance and impact of building a culture around philanthropy, volunteering, and giving back: ...Most companies have something more to give the world than their products. That could be their position to advocate for worthy causes, the expertise of their employees, or the financial resources to help a community project succeed...Fostering that connection can generate more than temporary good vibes: Research behind the Best Workplaces list revealed an important relationship between the way employees feel about their company’s community involvement and their commitment to their work. Among 357,000 people surveyed for the list, those who had a positive experience of giving back at work were four times more likely to say their teams were willing to give extra to get the job done. They were also more likely to be brand ambassadors eager to express pride in their employers and to say they want to stay with their companies for a long time.

I started SaaSySales with the intent to give back to my community, and am passionate about establishing corporate philanthrophy and service as a cornerstone of the business!

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