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Sales services range from list building, lead generation, pipeline management, coaching, to operations. 

Recruitment services include market mapping, research, talent pipeline building.

"Eillen defines hustle, positivity and can do spirit. We brought her in and soon needed to expand her scope and she brought an offshore team together and managed them to help us launch our product and sales operations. She modes quickly and is proactive with ideas and ways to make improvements too. Definitely would work with her again."


-Eric Grafstrom, former CEO at BetterCompany 


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"The SaaSySales team is critical for my day to day operations, from managing my inbox, to finding unique candidates. They function as an extension of me, increasing my productivity significantly. Notably, they help us with diversity recruitment, and helped fill a critical Founding Engineer position. The Sourcers are versatile and valuable assets to our team." 

- Zack Isaacson, Founding Partner at Sweat Equity Ventures. Founder of Pac Heights Partners. Former Associate at Sutter Hill Ventures. Former Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Sumo Logic 


Eillen Voellinger

Eillen Voellinger has 12 years in B2B SaaS sales, specializing in early stage startup sales and sales operations. She was the first corporate sales representative hired at startups to essentially kickstart and build a high velocity sales program across all verticals, build pipeline and close deals with a lean team and minimal resources. Eillen has helped companies scale their sales teams, and directly managed 4-12 sales reps.

Throughout Eillen's sales experience, she has been a consistent President's Club winner and sales achievement leader.



"The Sourcers at SaaSySales have been essential for our recruiters to focus on value added work, by providing us market research and lists of talented Go-To-Market, Security, and Engineering Executives to reach out to. We have constant alignment and play an active role to strengthen our partnership."


- Art Chen, Recruiting Lead at Skydio. Former Head of Research & Talent Partner at RockIT Recruiting, now Ejento


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