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Adding to About Me:

Hi SaaSy Sales blog readers!

My name is Eillen. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog so far. I’m always trying to learn about new technology and startups popping up in the Bay. I have a sweet spot for companies who have a SaaS delivery model—SaaS is part of the technology evolution, and teams should adopt sales tools and processes which are more aligned with SaaS.

I believe the future of sales is in “Consumerification of the Enterprise,” a consumer-centric online approach synchronized with top-down sales. With intelligent

sales+marketing+billing+analytics tools, and an agile process in place for prospecting, on-boarding, and customer success, the sales process revolutionizes into low-mid touch for growing recurring revenue.

Here’s a bit about me: I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Although I’ve lived in the Northwest and Japan, and traveled to 25+ countries, I still love to call San Francisco home. I love everything about this city, even KarltheFog!!

I started my SaaS sales career at McAfee’s Web Security team before they got acquired by Intel, then a small company called CVSDude (remember CVS?). I was the first sales hire and helped establish a lean sales process till they rebranded to Codesion, and was acquired by CollabNet (remember SVN?). Learned countless lessons there, about startups, the dev cycle, scaling sales, you name it. After 3 years of talking version control, DevOps, and Agile at CVSDude/Codesion/CollabNet, I joined an awesome data analytics company called Sumo Logic as the first Corporate Sales Manager. They are backed by Sutter Hill Ventures, Greylock Ventures, and Accel Partners. You can find me evangelizing around San Francisco about Sumo Logic and SaaS sales.

On a personal note: I love Cody, Google Docs, a good bowl of ramen, uni and unagi nigiri, bacon, IPAs, Macallan and Glendronach. I’ve been on a DIY kick, making sausage, pizza, bread, beer… If I’m not working, I’d probably be camping, skiing or traveling the world. In the near future I’m going on a RTW trip, and it will be incredible.

More information and links to social pages here.

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